Media Praise - Wine Skin

"Travel Tip!" (Koru, Winter/Spring 2010)

Wine Skin is a great way to safely and securely transport wine bottles no matter where you go. Never again worry about wine bottles leaking or breaking inside your luggage. They're a leak-proof transport system - just place the bottle inside Wine Skin and its double seals help keep your precious cargo intact during transport. [more]


"Bottle Saver" by John Saker (Cuisine, Jan 2010)

Transporting wine in a suitcase has long been reliant on the "pack-and-pray" approach in the hope of avoiding a wine-marinated wardrobe at the other end. No more. The Wine Skin bottle-shaped bubble-wrap bag seals hermetically and contains any accidental leakage. Find them at cellar doors, wine shops and duty-free outlets. [more]


"25 Gotta Have Travel Gadgets" by Josh Tyrangiel (Time, Oct 2010)

Because the TSA won't allow any liquid over 3 ounces in a carry-on, countless trips to Northern California and Paris have been marred by the following Sophie's Choice: do I buy wine and risk what it might do to the insides of my suitcase at high altitude, or leave behind the perfect, previously un-findable bottle. The Wine Skin is not technically a gadget - unless you consider a bag a gadget... [more]