Media Praise - Intelligent Ice

"Shelf Life - Just Chilling" (Cuisine, May 2011)

Ensuring the last mouthful of a glass of white wine or rosé is as pleasantly chilled as the first is the job of a new product, the Chill Ball.

These shimmering orbs clip on to your wine glass and are filled with a clear solution that can be pre-frozen. Perfect for the beach or deck. Available at [more]


Chill Ball (Escape, Dec 2010)

Perfect for summer, these flexible and re-usable chillballs will cool your wines without diluting them. They come in two sizes to fit medium and large traditional wine glasses. Store on their rack in a freezer; ready for action whenever you need them. Available in boxes containing a storage rack, six re-freezable balls, and six each of medium and large clips from BBQs & more. [more]